Is Marriage Distracting, or Are You just SELFISH?: 3 Questions for T.I. Harris

So…Have you  heard the news?  Clifford “T.I.”  Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Harris have decided to get a divorce. Tiny filed after allegedly finding out about her husband’s extra marital affairs, and I’m assuming some other things that we haven’t been made privy to. Mr. Harris recently did an interview with Angie Martinez, where he states that Marriage is a distraction to his progression. Marriage is a distraction, Huh? I have so many questions. I’ve decided to use my platform to ask them.

WHEN did being married become distracting?

Don’t look like that. I just asking!

Let’s be clear. Anything that makes you selfless and nurturing will have to share the limelight in your life. Whether it’s being a spouse, a father, a business partner, a loving child…. Hell, just choosing NOT to be an Asshole can cause  “distraction”. With that being said, at what point did having a life partner become so terribly distracting that you can go find ANOTHER distraction (ie. The alleged side joint) and violate the vows you’ve taken? Was worrying about her well being and growth distracting you from making music and landing acting roles? This sounds more SELFISH than distracting… but I could be wrong! Correct ME!

WHY did it take you decades to realize that you aren’t the Marrying type?

Madd Kids. NOW you’re distracted?

Mr. Harris didn’t say that being married to TINY was distracting.  He said “Marriage, and what it represents” is the distraction. Sooo….

I mean, COMME AHN! Did you know for years, but didn’t want to pass on the reality TV money? Did you stay “for the kids”? I mean, I’ve done that. I also bounced on the idea of being miserable with the wrong person. Not marriage as a whole. So yeah. When did you have this “I’m forever a bachelor” epiphany? Was it before or after she was by your side when you committed numerous felonies? Numerous outside affairs? TELL ME! I am over here mad curious!

WHAT made you finally give up on Married life?

Not just HER, but marriage!

Was it Floyd? Did your own medicine taste that gross that you just did away with marriage completely? Was it the freedom? What was it? I mean, people get divorced every day, B. BUT… people don’t blame their lack of growth on the WHOLE IDEA of growing as a couple and doing life as one. Marriage itself is a commitment, and it can most definitely become taxing and indeed a distraction from careers and such…I personally think that is LIFE. You can’t focus on everything at the same damn time and expect it all to be amazing ALL.THE.TIME.

I personally think that it’s Bullshit. Marriage ain’t for the selfish or the weak. Marriage can add so much SAUCE to your life’s “cuisine”, but you gotta know when to turn up the heat, and when to let things simmer. When to add a little more flavor, all while making sure you don’t have a heavy hand (I like food, so pardon my greedy analogy). Basically, marriage is a distraction when you want to do effed up shit and not have to answer to anyone. Making decisions without worrying about objections.

So Cliff. Distracted or Selfish? Tell me the truth. I won’t tell anyone.  🙃

Exes and Ohs….


  1. Hey! I totally agree with the statement that marriage isn’t for the weak and/or selfish! A distraction tho!?! Pish and Posh!! What’s distracting is when you’re doing your dirt and you’re constantly looking over your shoulder!!! Now that’s a damn distraction! You’re trying to be free of this guilt! Just my opinion of course! Gone head and have several seats T.I. cause I’m not buying those days old donuts! Life is distracting BIH! Lol!! I would love for him to answer these questions though! Great read!!!

  2. IYou tell em Jo. I think marriage is distracting because of Floyd 🤣🤣🤣🤣. It’s a good ole case of he can dish it BUT he can’t take it!!!

  3. So happy and delighted you touched on this topic! Love your perspective, however, we know how a mans ego is ultimately shot when his precious lady gives him a taste of his own medicine. And there could be other issues we don’t know about as any normal relationship. Prayers to the kids though. Because that is MADD kids.
    PS, food analogy is on point 👍🏾

  4. Wow, I didn’t know he said it was a distraction. After ALL these years though? I wonder if, like you said, he just wants the freedom to do whatever (with whomever) and not have to answer for it. We’ll never fully know, but still…yikes.

  5. I try not to get into celebrities business BUT this was a shocker to me! Especially considering they just had a baby girl

  6. I didn’t realize he said it was a distraction! Now, ain’t that something!!! But like Kem Kem is this for rating on their show bc I believe I saw where it will be back airing? Hummm Thanks for sharing!

  7. A “distraction” sounds like an excuse to me. What is a distraction would be all those alleged side pieces. Your wife and your child shouldn’t be called a distraction, they are a priority.

  8. Girl….BS!!! Marriage is what you put into it. so if he was distracted he got what he gave. Beat it dude!

  9. This was the dumbest thing TI has said and tried to make it sound smart. Boy bye – being married can’t be more distracting then all those kids.

  10. All good questions that need answers. When I heard this cock and bull excuse I definitely had side eye. He sounds like someone that never really wanted to be married and really didn’t fully grasp what marriage means. But hey…not my monkeys and not my circus.

  11. I have nothing to say other than “Boy Bye”! You get what you give.

  12. Marriage isn’t a distraction, but showcasing family business to millions is the real distraction. My heart drops when I see new celebrities accepting reality shows for the money because the relationship usually goes downhill not long afterward.

  13. BOOM!!! Such a travesty! TI should be ashamed of himself and Tiny should be too for awknowledging it!! What ashame!! They let that side chick ruin their covenant that GOD created!!

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