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Wedding Wednesday! Trash the Dress: Broughton Style!

Anyone else have a couple that they low key stalk on Social media?  I do.

Brandon and Rachel Broughton!  

Married in May 2015 , these two make life, love and travel something you just want to do more of.  I came across their page on Instagram last year sometime.  These two have been to countless parts of the world, and are so gracious to share pieces of it with us through photo and storytelling.  You can only imagine my delight when they agreed to share their TRASH THE DRESS story with the NAEtion!  Here’s Mr. Broughton’s recollection of their wedding day, and how they decided to Trash That Dress.



Rachel and I got married in the Bahamas.It was everything we imagined and more . But what we didn’t take into consideration was the weather. It wasn’t just hot , it was MotherF**king HOT. I remember walking out of the dressing room and immediately starting to sweat . My linen suit that was designed to keep me cool and dry , felt more like a damp paper towel that was previously used to wipe up spilled Kool-Aid… Sticky !

trash the dress

Yeah. Kinda like this…

Fast-forward to the ceremony. There stood my beautiful bride, make-up caking up , hair starting to get frizzy, and still smiling like a champ ! So I buck up and tell myself “it ain’t that bad B, you’re from Houston”. The minister asked if I was okay; my face was red and my nose was starting to run. He then asks my bride: “is he okay? Does he normally sweat this much?” All she could do was laugh (she knew I was okay) and nod yes. Now it is time to say our vows. Initially I planned to recite the vows I had written which were like 3 pages long. But it was hot , my mouth was dry and my eyes were watery .

The ceremony ends and now it’s time to take pictures. We make it through the photo session without a heat stroke incident. As we wrap up this sweltering shoot,
our wonderful photographer, Lyndah Wells says: “You guys wanna do a trash the dress shot ?” Without a second thought we immediately responded,


trash the dress

Couldn’t hit the water fast enough!

We make a mad dash towards the water, Rachel slips on the train of her of gown . She’s literally rolling into the water. The waves are crashing and the more she tries to stand up, the more she keeps rolling right back down on the sand. I was finally able to rescue her by doing the classic “just married” lifting of the bride when they walk into their hotel room. Only that this was MUCH, MUCH heavier. Have y’all ever tried to lift a wedding gown with a train that was emerged in water? Add a bride to that. Anyway, we finally get to the deep end, and have definitely…


trash the dress

Candid, but Perfect!


We were certain our photo shoot was a disaster. However it didn’t turn out that way. It was the most hilarious moment from start to finish; including the after math of attempting to take my wife’s completely soaked and super tight wedding gown off. Y’all, she couldn’t get it off. We had to cut it!!!!! ✂️



trash the dress

Fun with THE ONE.

After working a sweat back up again, we hopped in a Taxi and headed into town for some very, very, well deserved adult beverages.

Needless to say, it will be a memory to last a life time!

lets toast


Those drinks were absolutely DESERVED! I love to see couples changing what society thinks OUR love looks like. IT”S DOPE! I trashed my dress too…but I just threw it in the damn trash. *HAHAHA!* A wedding party of two is the route Baetorious and I took as well.  At the end of the day, it’s who’s taking the vows that matters.  I love this wedding day story!  Thank you two so much for sharing with us!!!

Anyone else have an interesting story to tell about their BIG DAY??? I’m all eyes!



Exes and Ohs….



  1. Love that story. My little brother recently got in engaged and his finance is being a real monster about the wedding plans. I told him to check out your blogs and to share it with his finance. Maybe by reading some of your work she’ll change her mind. As of right where I saw a young man that was happy now he’s just frustrated and doesn’t really care. This is another good example of just have fun. It’s about the love two people have for each other.

  2. I’m glad they had fun but the way the price tag was set up on my dress I need my daughter and grandchildren to wear my dress.

  3. Cool story! Although I highly doubt I’ll be “trashing” my dress I love how they both were just like “Ta hell with it, let’s go!” I bet they had an awesome time on their special day.

  4. No big story to tell from my big day. I do love these pics though. That love is worth more than any dress could be.

  5. What a fun story!! I have no interesting wedding day story other than I was tired and over it before we even arrived at the church. I wish we could have done it with just us two, but it still turned out okay.

  6. I’d definitely buy a cheap dress to do this. Looks fun. I want to elope to a destination wedding.

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