why men cheat

5 Reasons Men Cheat: The Man’s Point of View.


What the HELL!?

If you have no clue of what I’m talking about, comedian Kevin Hart was caught on tape having an affair while his wife was at home 32 weeks pregnant with their first child together. This topic leads to the daunting question: “Why is it that men cheat?: We know that cheating is not gender specific, but I wanted an answer FROM THE MOUTHS OF MEN.  In this post, this  question is answered by various Black men. I have my opinions but I wanted to hear it directly from them. I’ll speak my piece at the end. 😏



why men cheat

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Cheating happens when a person is unfulfilled in some part of their character.  It is not one gender or the other.  Both do it.  These individuals are missing something in themselves.  That is why no truly happy, complete, fulfilled person cheats and others do.  Men may be more apt to act on the physical looking for the missing happiness whereas women usually look more for the emotional completion.  Neither truly finds it in the cheating process but rather are more unsettled because of it.  Each individual must search, not outwardly, but inwardly for the missing parts of themselves which most people don’t do because if done right, it forces them to deal with all the aspects of their own character which they usually don’t want to or haven’t taken the time to learn, resolve, understand, and live with.  A person that is happy with themselves may not cheat in a bad relationship whereas a person unhappy with themselves may cheat in a good one.  Cheating is not a gender thing but a self-fulfillment thing.- Josiah Simpson


Reassurance, I guess.

I know married men who do things like this for “the thrill of the chase”. Knowing you’re married but still have “the sauce” is like a drug for a lot of men, especially if the woman is entertaining the act.- Brad Mitchell


Hey, it happens.

Men cheat for two main reasons:
1.  Because they want to.
2. Because they can.
Everything else is fluff for the narrative they invent- Myster CeeGee


4. “Because HE AIN’T SHIT.”

why men cheat

Yes, this was shade on my end.

Whatever the reason, I think it all boils down to low integrity. If you want to keep your options open, say so. Let her make an informed decision on whether she’s down for it, or if she wants to move on. At the end of the day, if she didn’t/doesn’t have any respect for you, it’s just a waste of time for everybody.

That being said, you CANNOT agree to be down for it, hoping you can change him, and when you run out of patience, get mad at him. That’s making yourself out to be a victim and dodging accountability (IMO that is just as much of an issue as cheating, but might be a convo for another day). – Andre Smith



why men cheat

They didn’t marry the Best of Both Worlds.

[Men cheat for] Many reasons, but here’s one scenario that I’ve seen multiple times:

-A) What society says men should want: A “good” woman to be Wifey. Beautiful, educated, successful, super nice woman to bring home to Momma.
-B) What a lot of men want: A super freak who is going to drop it like you know what, and every once a while she’ll bring through her girlfriend and y’all hit up the strip clubs etc.
-Men marry women A and spend All Star Weekend with woman B- Rohan Gilkes


why men cheat

Dem Boys Good!

These five Kings  have given their thoughts about why MEN choose to turn to infidelity. As far as the whole Kevin Hart situation, I believe that the pressures of being handsome, rich, in your prime, and having accessibility to pretty much any woman within arms reach can weigh on your morals during times of weakness. I’m NOT excusing him by any means, but I can see how people struggle.  HOWEVER, I lost respect for Kevin because he chose to go so hard about his (fake ass) monogamy morals. Referring to his bride as his rib in every other sentence, on top of doing interviews and social media post confessing his undying love and loyalty…. only to turn around and get caught on tape with your pants down.

HYPOCRISY is wack as hell. THAT’S the part Mr. Hart can miss me with.

I hope you enjoyed a male point of view on this here platform of mine!

What are YOUR thoughts? Why do YOU think men cheat?

Exes and Ohs….


  1. Honestly, for me personally…I believe that if a man (or woman) is married, cheating is completely OFF the table! I get it, people make mistakes, but as married people, you do better when you know better! Don’t make vows if you know cheating is something you might | possibly | maybe do!

  2. Yeah, I heard about this. I’m not surprised by any of it. It is getting tiring to see our men keep doing this. No female is immune it seems.

  3. I’ve been seeing this circulate on FB and never really had the chance to read any articles about it. I can say that my ex-husband used the same excuse that he received a number to “see if he still had it!” Go figure!

  4. Another reason could be a lot of people stay in relationships for convenience. In these relationships, there is no real loyalty. Have you guys seen Girls Trip? This Kevin Hart scandal has me wondering what’s really going on behind their closed doors. Great post Chica!

  5. I think people cheat because of #4…how hard is it to be faithful! And if you can’t get out of the relationship…Period!! There is no excuse!

  6. I definitely have heard and seen the same from men around me. At the end of the day, it all boils down to selfishness and we all have that battle. But I agree – my biggest issue with Kevin Hart is the hypocrisy – reminds me of why I don’t care for Kobe Bryant.

  7. I believe that men cheat because they can and because they ain’t shit. It is what it is and I subscribe by the belief that what you do in the dark will come to the light…thus the Kevin hart situation.

  8. So I’m gonna leave Kevin alone because I think you summed it up and he’s rightfully getting it from all other angles. Lol. But, it’s definitely “interesting” to hear a man’s perspective on this one!

  9. I think all people cheat because of a lack of self control. Kevin is wack (how you don’t have NONE of your peeps around keeping you “safe” when you’re weak?). His wife is wack too (all that crowing she was doing about their relationship and basically telling his ex wife that she didn’t know what she was talking about. Bloop!..Karma).

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