Me Time and WE Time in the 2017 Mazda Miata!

You know what? I’ve always wanted to ride around my city in a two-seater with the top down on a sunny day.  You can imagine my glee when my friends over at Mazda and Driveshop blessed me with a 2017 Mazda Miata to review for a whole week! That car is so much fun! I got so attached that she ended up with a nickname by day 2. Mimi. LOL!  Let me tell you all about my favorite specs in the Miata!

Isn’t she gorge!

The first few days, I just basked in the fact that I was in a convertible. The weather was amazing, and I loved the fact that the Mazda Miata was a hard top and not a “ragtop”.  With the push of just one button, the entire roof just retracted!  I guess I am still green to the idea of it all, because I got giddy every time I did it! The Miata didn’t have to be placed in park to let the top down either.  I thought that was a really cool feature.  I could be going as fast as 6 miles an hour and still peel off the roof and let the sun in.

Overcast, but still fun!

The Mazda Miata is so freaking cozy!  With just two seats in the cabin, I rode  around the city with just enough space for me and my thoughts. (smiles) There is minimal space to recline the seats, so long trips aren’t what I envision for this vehicle.  There’s just enough trunk space for beach trips, outdoor concert must haves, and just a plain old good time.  I have honestly never had this much fun driving a car. If you are a really TALL person, you probably wouldn’t have as much fun as I did.  Of course you know I had to include a little WE time with my Hunny.  We grabbed lunch and cruised around the city for a bit. 🙂 When Mimi and I decided to let #Baetorious go for a spin with us (*giggles*), he was definitely at the max height. If I had a day with the Bestie (shés 5’8” like me), we would’ve been set.  So yeah, there is sort of a height cap to truly enjoy a car like Mimi.

I loved the stitching!

Driving in Sport mode gave the Miata that extra kick that made it really fun to drive on the interstate. Switching gears was seamless!  That is a gift and could be a curse!  Acceleration is so smooth that I had to be mindful of my speed.  You can easily have the smoothest right and end up SMOOTH over the speed limit!!!  

Big things come in small packages.

Due to the dainty size of the Miata, there is a blind spot or two. Mazda kept that in mind when they added the lane departure features, as well as the blind spot protection light on the side view mirrors.  I felt a lot safer with these features in play.  It gave me a chance to enjoy “Mimi”,and worry so much less.

My favorite song blaring through the amazing sound system!

The Miata has the usual amazing Navigation, great speakers, and bluetooth capability. When I was using the Bluetooth with the top down, it was so easy to hear since the speakers are in the headrest.  The wind and outside noise didn’t hinder me from conversing.  I loved that!

Sun and a Fire Red Miata! Perfection!

I am totally impressed with this little sports car!  The Miata was a perfect way to embrace the warm weather and wonderful city vibes!

Have you ever considered driving a convertible?  I never did before this experience, but NOW… I am totally sold!

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  1. How ironic I had a red Miata as my rental car last year. I loved it but forgot that I had a kid and a boyfriend so we couldn’t pile into my car smh. Love the car though!!!

  2. I think it’s so cute! Definitely a nice ride to have, during the warm months. I love an ol nasty drop top, lol!

  3. YAAAASSS!!!!! They’ve really stepped their game up with the features….it’s sexy. Plus speakers in the headrest?
    I’ll take it.
    That care is your spirit animal…LOL

  4. That’s a gorgeous car. And its red!
    Yes it should be fun to review a car like this
    I hope I get to do this some day

  5. That car is everything !!! It looks like you had a ton of fun driving it .

  6. I like that blind spot feature. Glad you and Mimi had a good time before she had to go back home!!!

  7. Now that drop top is making me want to test drive the Miata. I absolutely love Mazada’s and how smooth they ride.

  8. Great car review. I’ve always loved Mazda cars because I love driving fast.

  9. That Mazda Miata is beyond cute. I used to want one so bad when I was in college. I still love them. The

  10. That’s such a nice car and you look great in it! I never thought I’d like that convertible feel until my boyfriend got a jeep. Now I love riding with the top off!

  11. Girl! Don’t you just wish you could buy that car. That is the perfect Me Time car. You look fabulous in a convertible. I can only dream.

  12. The Miata is nothing short of sexy!! Perfect car for a we time date night . I love the curves and style of it and the bonus features make it even better!

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