Life After Divorce: A few Words of Encouragement.

As I sit here in my bathroom about to run my bath and sip my wine, I realized that I never talk about love and life after divorce. I use my platform to share tips and opinions when it comes to marriage, but I do know that there are quite a few of you that are going through, or have recently endured the pain of divorce. I have been there, and I do know it is quite the journey. Even if you were married to the wrong person, it’s still a hard pill to swallow. I just wanted to share my thoughts and words of encouragement to my tribe to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am a walking testimony that you can find love within yourself and within someone else after you’ve ended a chapter with the person you thought you’d be married to forever.

The journey begins when you make the choice to reach out to other people that have been in your shoes and have managed to make the best of the way they fit. Divorce is kind of like death. You know that it’s coming, and sometimes it catches you off-guard. But in the end, we know that it’s really what the universe intended. You’ll go through a plethora of emotions!  Grief, self-blame, acceptance, and you’ll also go through the unknown. My experience was difficult because there were children involved, and I know that some of you reading this are dealing with that struggle right now. All I can tell you is to stay encouraged and to know that happiness should not be dependent on another person. Being happy with who you are, and the decision that you have made starts and ends with your choices. Getting divorced was the beginning of the best days of my life. That doesn’t mean that the worst days didn’t come before that.

Many people struggle with where to start!

I’ve gotten so many emails and direct messages on social media asking for guidance and advice. I’m led to extend my help, share my experiences, and also my strategies to get through this really tough and scary time.

My platform is more than just the good experiences. Using my past pain to help others get through theirs is really what I was put here to do.

If reading this post was helpful and encouraging, then my work here is done. However, I know that there are other people that really could use some personal and extensive help in this area. Many people know that I do coach wives and couples, offering more than just my words to assist in the growth after detriment. If you didn’t know that, then…SURPRISE! *smile* If you need me… I’m right HERE. Coping with life after divorce isn’t something you have to do alone.

I have also written a short ebook on 10 ways to cope.  I truly believe that this is the beginning of true healing.  Click below to grab your copy!  even if this isn’t YOUR struggle, you may know someone in need of some sound advice.  Feel free to share.  I promise I don’t mind!

Until next time, I ask that you do three things for me.  Stay hopeful. Stay encouraged. Stay true to yourself.

Exes and Ohs….


  1. Amen, thanks for being transparent and offering help, it’s so needed, this is truly an area where support, love and healing is needed! As I’m going through it now, I have even more love and respect for you knowing you came out of it and are shining brighter than ever before! We’ll keep our heads up and press on! LOVE YOU!

    1. Author

      I am here if you need me…Just like yo were for ME! I love you!!!!

  2. I am sure that this is some much needed advice for someone who is going through divorce and feeling alone. I can’t imagine what it would feel like, but it is encouraging to know that people are willing to help.

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