Love and Basketball: Love Lessons from Kevin Durant.

KEVIN DURANT GOT A RING!!!!  This year was the first year in a long time that I really paid attention to what was going on in the NBA during the finals. Being the woman I am, with the profession that chose me….YOU KNOW I had to share my 2 cents about Mr. Kevin Durant, and how his story lines up with love and happiness.


kevin durant

I’ve been second my whole life,” Durant told Sports Illustrated in 2013. “I’m tired of being second. I’m not going to settle for that. I’m done with it.” SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE FOLKS IN DA BACK, KEV! Personally, I don’t blame him! Regardless of what any politically correct, cliche mantra may tell you, PEOPLE PLAY TO WIN. So my question is: “If Kevin Durant can leave OKC (his old team) because they consistently kept him in second place….What’s holds us back from leaving a situation that isn’t progressing?


Good times.

Seniority is apparently what’s keeping people on a team that looks good on paper, but isn’t necessarily giving them what they want. Take a page out of KD’s book. Either you get the team you’re on to step up and work as hard as you are, or…. You leave the THUNDER behind and have a WARRIOR bless you with a ring. *Ha* (see what I did there?)


LOL! Kidd’s face is CLASSIC!

Ok. You’ve been playing on the same team for years, and you want to remain loyal. I hear ya. I mean,  what will people say and think if you switch sides? What names will they call you? I’m sure KD was called a slew of names this week. But the one name I know he was called for sure, was A WINNER. There’s no real need to get caught up in what people think about your life choices. I played for “my version” of the “THUNDER” for years. I had some great times, and made great memories. Although it was fun,  I wasn’t on a winning team. So… I BOUNCED! I took my talents elsewhere… now my address and my last name is different.  Go figure.


When ya Homie gotta remind you that YOU ARE A WINNER! LOL!

Kevin Durant reminded ME to tell you that if you’ve recently begun to lose hope for the team you’re on…. It’s cool to move on.  That could mean Try new ideas to reboot and reconnect… so the love FEELS new again (I’ve got something for that). You could also be PAST that phase, and need a blueprint on HOW to move on. I’ve got a lil something for that too!

Kevin Durant worked MAD HARD to make it happen with his first team…Did you?

Kevin Durant moved on to snag a ring…Why can’t you?

Only you know what’s up…So are you FIGHTING or are you KD’ing?

Exes and Ohs..




  1. It takes a team to win a championship. The are legendary players to take notes from before you look up to Durant.

  2. I absolutely love the wrap up here. It definitely is ok to move on to something else if your current situation on team isn’t doing it for you anymore. You need to allow yourself to grow.

  3. Absolutely. I am not so sure why people were so mad that he moved on. It is a job, folks. If your job sucks, you move on – why does he have to sit still and take it? Because folks already got his old jersey? Fun analogy!

  4. LOL, I don’t watch basketball so i had no idea what was going but I kept seeing Kevin Durant’s name. I love the analogy about the game(something very relevant) and love life/dating. Enjoyed reading the post.

  5. Yo! The way you broke this down is SO GOOD! And it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with setpping away from “good enough” to get to “better and best”. Nothing at all! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. This is amazing! I’m really not into sports but have been seeing bit and pieces on the news. Really didn’t know what was all of the hype about. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great post. I knew nothing about what was going on in the game, but I love the lessons you’ve pointed out.

  8. This post was everything. You’ve definitely educated me a bit because the last time I watched a basketball game Michael Jordan was playing on the Bulls team.

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