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Growing up Hip Hop ATL: 3 Reasons why Bow Wow is REALLY Distracted.

Now you know I’ve been glued to the TV on Thursday nights to get my weekly dose of GROWING UP HIP HOP ATLANTA, right? Yesterday’s episode was TOO GOOD!  In my opinion, the person who really stood out in this episode was …

growing up hip hop

Bow Wow. Shad Moss. Like Mike.

Whatever name you find fitting for the young man that hit us by storm with his brown eyes and cornrows. Moss shares with us on the show that he’s distracted and is having issues writing and focusing. After watching last nights episode, I SEE WHY! Here are the reasons Bow Wow is really distracted.


Lil Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, and Alfonso Moss(father)

During the show, you really get to see the relationship (or lack thereof) that Shad (Bow Wow) has with his father. Being in Atlanta and in closer proximity to his Dad, can be a reason that he can’t really focus on his album and career. Many don’t realize how much personal convictions can weigh on your career. Some people can mask it, or even work through it. I think that’s a difficult thing for Shad to do.


They are adorable. 🙂

It’s really cute to see how much Shad enjoys his daughter, and also the friendship he still maintains with her mother, Joie. The three of them together probably sparked a few memories in his head.  At one point, Shad  mentioned that he did his best work when they were together. He even set up a nice candlelight dinner for them to discuss the possibility of giving it another whirl. Due to his history of impulsive promises and lack of follow through, Joie declined his request. I’m sure that did nothing for Shad’s ego, nor did it motivate him to write or work a bit harder. It’s actually just another thing to distract him from his career goals at the moment.


growing up hip hop atlanta

Shad gotta let these two handle it.

Welp,  Reginae Carter  (Lil Wayne and Toya Wright’s daughter) and Brandon Barnes (Waka Flocka’s brother) exchanged some nasty words during the past two episodes.  Instead of Shad minding his BUSINESS…. He decided to play mediator so everyone could get along again. Ummm…. it didn’t work. Now, things have escalated, and Mr. Moss has yet ANOTHER distraction getting in the way of recording his retirement album.

SHAD. SIR.  Imma need you to have a seat, PREFERABLY in the studio and do what you have to do! The relationship with your father, your daughters mother, and your peers just have to take a backseat so you can record the album that will carry on your legacy.



His MAIN focus should be to REMAIN FOCUSED.

I read that in a meme once. LOL!

Did you watch GROWING UP HIP HOP ATLANTA? What are your thoughts on the whole “distraction” ordeal?

Let me hear it!

Exes and Ohs….


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  1. It is sad how reality tv it is bringing more drama than good. Sorry I dont watch the show but I hope Bow Wow/Shad Moss really does motivate himself to come out with an album where people can see he grew up and not a little boy anymore.

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