HBO’s Insecure: The ONLY Reasons Dro wants Molly.

What’s up NAEtion! I’m just sitting here in the dark because apparently, Hurricane Irma does not think that I need any electricity.  Since I have nothing but time, and 78% phone battery, I wanted to touch on the season finale of HBO’s hit show, Insecure. You guys know I love that show and I always manage to pull some type of relationship lesson from the content. This season, I really focused on the relationship between Molly and Dro. Molly and Dro have known each other their whole lives. Molly has been ‘told’ that Dro and Candice are in an open relationship,so they have taken their friendship to the Romantic level. Some people are thinking that Dro actually likes Molly; so much that THEY should build a future together.  Of course I’m here to poke all types of holes in that theory. So let’s get to it. Let me tell you WHY this “relationship” is ALL in Dro’s favor, and how Molly is playing herself.


hbo insecure

Yeah, she is. LOL

Molly is the most available woman in Los Angeles. Dro comes into town when his wife is  either on a “retreat’ or a ‘business trip”. Molly is not going to follow up and confirm these “facts” anyway, so it matters not. If a man is a dog in search of somewhere he trusts to put his bone, why not choose the woman who you’ve known FOREVER and have built a bomb friendship with? It also helps if you are attracted to that person, they have no responsibilities outside of their career, and they won’t question whatever story you decide to feed them. This is a no-brainer. Dro is going to keep sending those texts when he’s in town so he can come lay up with Molly and store his bone in a nice warm dependable place. I’m not saying that he doesn’t like Molly. Of course he does. THEY WERE LEGIT FRIENDS.  But, when you start having sex with your friend, it becomes more of a convenience instead of an actual partnership. Molly is CONVENIENTLY available. All the damn time.


hbo insecure

No responsibility outside of THIS.

Being free of having to worry about the ins and outs of someone else’s emotional, physical, and mental stability is the perfect escape from reality. While people get caught up in the fact that Dro and Molly can talk about sports and what used to happen on the Block, you don’t ever see Molly pour her heart out about what’s going on at the firm where she’s struggling to become partner, or what happened in therapy that day. The bottom line is Molly and Dro are only working out at the moment because she is his escape. Candice (Dro’s wife) is the person who has that luxury. She has the luxury of being more than just a warm hole that can quote basketball stats. She can tell him about her day, goals, growth and what she foresees for their future. Why? Because that’s what WIVES do. I do believe that there is a breed of weak men that want to escape from those responsibilities. That’s where the Molly’s of the world come in. Not just a regular side piece, but the one who is going to be totally fine with being your escape for a day or two.


hbo insecure

History. It’ll f*ck shit up.

Now I know I keep saying this, but these two have a history that dates back to when they both were in the single digits. Dro is indeed comfortable with Molly. There’s no questioning that. Molly is putting her actual desires on the back burner because of the relatable aspect of things. Molly does want to be married, she also wants to start a family. Right now, this just feels good. There’s no “What’s your favorite color” or “Where’d you go to school?”, because she knows all of that.  This point is a win for the both of them. But….LET US NOT FORGET  THAT CANDICE HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE HIGH SCHOOL TOO. So ummm… Molly has simply added new aspect of ‘relations’ to the mix.

Now it would be different if Dro did not come with the okie-doke story about them having an open marriage (I could be wrong, but I don’t believe it) from the gate, Dro told Molly that they both did not want to be tied down to one person, however him and his wife are happy with their arrangement. Do people honestly think that some childhood longevity is going to change that; and Molly is going to be the person that Dro leaves his wife for AND be monogamous with? That’s like having a cake, being able to eat it too, but then deciding that you no longer want to eat the cake. You only want to have the cake. Molly is making it painfully easy to do both, and I don’t foresee Dro choosing.


hbo insecure


Candice finding out about Molly and Dro and she is going to spazz out. Like I said before, I’m not buying the whole open relationship thing, because it just seems strange. HE IS LYYYINGGG!!!! I think that Dro wanted to experience Molly, and at her weakest point that was easy to do. Molly’s view of “Happy” was shattered once she was made aware of her father’s previous affairs… and Dro knew it, and reaped the benefits.


Case and Point.

If you think that this is more than AVAILABILITY, FREEDOM, AND RESONANCE….then I personally believe the view of what it takes to build a real bond with someone is MORE THAN LIKELY being seen through a jaded lens.

I love the lessons this show brings to love, and REALationships. The truth is, love is  easy. Love, honor, protection, steady connection, intention…. CONSTANTLY AND simultaneously…. That’s where people like Dro…. look for solace in other places.

Lemme hear your thoughts on the show, and this particular situation!

Exes and Ohs…


  1. You called it. You are ON point and have explained it extraordinarily clearly. Love this analysis.

  2. This Dro and Molly situation is an horrible idea! They have been friends forever and whatever is to come (I don’t see this going down well with Candice) it’s not going to be good. And this friendship will be up in flames.

    This is not a good relationship!

  3. Right, I am like Dro is lying if he wasn’t why did he tell her to hang back? Yes it could be because he didn’t want anyone else to get any 💡 about what the two were doing but I thinks it more for his wife benefit.

  4. I have never watched the show before but never believe a guy who is in a relationship but says his wife is ok with it.. Odds are she is not ok with it. Whats the point of marriage if you are going to be in an open relationship.

  5. I also feel like Dro is lying about the open relationship part. Molly should have confirmed this with his wife if she was serious about it.

  6. Dro is not in sn open marriage. I don’t believe that one bit. I also think that when the shit hits the fan, there is going to be a lot of fallout in the group. I also think that Molly is straight up plaaying herself and she needs to walk away asap.

  7. Dro is DEFINITELY NOT in an open marriage! I didn’t believe it when he said it and I don’t believe it now…but I knew she was in when she was going back and forth with the decision. Molly needs to get out of this situation immediately!

  8. I was wondering what this show was about it. I see a lot of my YouTube show reviewers talking about this and I never stopped to pay attention to what they were talking about. Now, you have me so interested that I think I am going to do a little binge watching after I finish this comment.

  9. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. I don’t believe in open marriage but it seems odd here.

    Molly is straight playing herself and it’s going to blow up in her face.

  10. I agree with you on a lot of this. Molly is crazy available and screams “lonely”. She really needs a pet. Like a shelter rescue or sumething she can nurse to greatness. I don’t believe Dro either. Any guy that walks around with his mouth hanging open is unbelievable in my book lol. I was really hoping that Molly would get with the other lawyer guy. He seems like a nice guy who would really love her mind as well as her body. But she’s not really attracted to him like that. Hope she gets it together by next season.

  11. I’ve never watched this show. I see it is really popular and this recap has me intrigued. Maybe I will binge it one of these weekends.

  12. I’ve never seen the show. Oops! I probably shouldn’t have shared that confession. Anyway, although I haven’t seen it, i once met Issa Rae and she was incredibly friendly and down to earth.

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