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Wifestyle Wednesdays Featured Garment: The Headwrap!

Let's start with a little Biggie Smalls lyric reference, shall we?  To all the ladies in the place with style and grace allow me to lace you... and get rid of that bonnet...I know ya want it!  Happy Wifestyle Wednesday, Beautiful!  Now, I know that there are times when you really don't feel like dealing with your hair.  You just want to leave that greasy bonnet on while you run your errands.  That may be comfy and all, but that look is…

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Wifestyle Wednesday’s Featured Garment: The Perfect Bodycon Dress for Spring!

Hey you guys! As we ditch Old Man Winter and welcome the Spring, it's necessary that we embrace the weather in style!  A lot of the time, when people here the word "WIFE", they think of  the frumpy, cookie baking, carpooling, mom jean wearing woman that is dying for a makeover! I have GOT to put an end to such a ridiculous stereotype.  So, without further adieu, WIFESTYLE WEDNESDAY IS BORN! Every Wednesday, I will be featuring different garments that…

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Wine is The new Black.

Red Red Wine.... Stay close to Me ee ee .... Ok, I don't remember all the words to that classic song, but I felt like singing. * giggles*  Anyway... This look has been one of my favorites from this season. Wine has definitely been a hot fall color. The hat I got from Forever 21 earlier this fall. The high waist jeans and bodysuit were both super comfy. Perfect for a casual date. That is actually what I did on…

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Turkey Day Styling.

Hey Loves! So the goal is to be cute for the Holiday right? Of course! However, there is never a need to feel all stuffy when you're just trying to get STUFFED! Here are my specific Do's and Don'ts for Thanksgiving styling. **DO'S** DARK COLORS When you drop the collard greens on your shirt, you can still take a selfie and not look like a complete slob. Dark colors will mask your inner greed that has just dribbled down onto…

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Neon Accesories!

Just a simple Look, Brightened with Bold Colors! Are you a fan of neons? What are your favorite neon colors? Let me know! Exes and Ohs.....…

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