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The Kings Take Cali: 10 places you must go in Los Angeles!

  What's up, NAEtion! If you follow me in Facebook and/or Instagram, you know that we recently went to Los Angeles! Baetorious just turned 25 (again), so we decided to take our first trip to the West Coast. The weather was amazing, and there were a million things for us to do! Out of those million things, I just have to tell you guys about 10 places you have to visit if your ever in the amazing city of Los…

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Our Staycation at Chateau Elan Winery and Spa!

After a month of pretty much spending every extra penny on gifts for our children; as well as holiday sports and recitals,  Baetorious and I were TAPPED OUT. We haven't been filling our love tank as much as we'd like to. Before we let any more time elapse, we decided to spend some much needed quality time away from home. Our friends at Chateau Elan happened to be having a few cool events on the property, so we decided to…

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4 Main Things To Focus on When Traveling On a Budget!

So I've received yet another simple yet complicated question in my email. May, how do you coordinate taking vacations with having such a large family? Although this is simplistic to me, I know that a lot of my readers have a very hard time with juggling it all. I've put together four necessary tasks that can help in this department.   PLAN AHEAD! Plan your work, then work your plan! News flash, guys. The Bahamas, Aruba, and Las Vegas will…

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Our Amazing Anniversary Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

So, I've finally recovered from my anniversary vacation, and my birthday celebration.  I know it was almost a month ago, but let's face facts; I'm not as young as I used to be. There were days of achy, lethargic, and unpleasant feelings. I guess that means I had a great time, right? 😊… So now that I've got my MOJO back, let me tell you guys all about our anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Our Anniversary is August…

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5 Reasons Why Couples Should Take Vacations.

Hey Guys! I know that I haven't been posting as often as I usually do, but LIFE is so busy!  With the holidays just passing us by, and buzzing into a brand new year,  I didn't get a chance to really sit and talk to you guys!  On top of all that, I got sick and became a hermit for about a week.  The good thing is, I am all caught up, and feeling great!  I'm back at my best…

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