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Wifestyle Wednesday : 15 Popular Braided Hairstyles!

It is Wednesday again! Wifestyle Wednesday, that is!   I must admit that it has been a little while since I have been featuring my Ladies of the Naetion exclusively, but I'm back!  A lot of us choose the easy and carefree styles in the warmer months.  Braids are my personal favorite!  Apparently I am not alone! I've got a gang of wives that are showing off some really DOPE braid styles within this post! From Cornrows, to twist, braids,…

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  MEET ZENN! Zenn and I at Brunch in Brooklyn. LOL This is  ZENN By OUTRE! Zenn is a lace-front/skin top  unit with combs in the front and back, along with adjustable straps.  Body curls are my favorite in the warmer months, and Zenn comes equipped with a ton of them! I believe this unit is a 4/27/30. The color starts darker at the root and fades into blondes and reds throughout the strand.  This wig is synthetic, but can…

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WIG WEDNESDAY: Featuring Synthetic Half Wig – La Jay

HALF WIG: LA JAY BY VANESSA WIGS. Meet La Jay! This is one of my favorite half wigs. With combs in the front and back, along with adjustable straps, this unit by Vanessa is GORGEOUS!  When I feel like rocking big hair (which is often), she is my go to. This unit is synthetic, but it feels very natural. I love it so much that I own more than one! Here are a few pictures that I managed to dig…

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WIG WEDNESDAYS! Featuring Mommy Wig from the Janet Collection.

      This wig is one of my favorites! This is the Mommy Wig by the Janet Collection. What I love is the it is 100% human hair, and it has this cute deep wave. It makes me feel quite glam without even trying to be. I do style this unit a little differently from the model shown. Here's how I like to wear my "Mommy" wig. I use water and my favorite conditioner in a spray bottle to loosen up…

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WIG WEDNESDAY! Featuring BATIK by Outre

        Outre Synthetic L Part Lace Front Wig - BATIK- TAHITIAN BUNDLE HAIR (futura) I really do like the Outre wig line. The synthetic hair feels soft, and can be curled at a temperature up to 350 degrees. They always have a nice variety of colors for each style. This unit in particular has both combs in the front and back, along with adjustable straps to really secure it to your head.  Having your wig feel loose…

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