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Quality Time with Baetorious & JORD Watch Giveaway!

Happy Halloween! While everyone I know was out at costume parties and all that good stuff,  Baetorious and I decided to just spend some much needed quality time together.  It is so important to take a sabbatical from work, children, cooking and just focus on our relationship.We didn't do anything fancy, or go anywhere special.  We decided to take a ride down to the closest park and enjoy the weather,the peace and quiet, and each other. Such a rich…

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33 Was Good to Me! Check Out my Top 5 Looks!

Whats UPPPP, Naetion! If you don't know what today is, I am surprised that your phone didn't notify you, or you didn't notice the parade going on downtown!  Maybe you're just not privy to major holidays.  Anywho, IT"S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Even 50 cent Knows! I am 30MORE today! As I reflect on what I would like to accomplish as I step into my New Year, I don't want to forget what this previous year has taught me... One of the…

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Wifestyle Wednesday : 15 Popular Braided Hairstyles!

It is Wednesday again! Wifestyle Wednesday, that is!   I must admit that it has been a little while since I have been featuring my Ladies of the Naetion exclusively, but I'm back!  A lot of us choose the easy and carefree styles in the warmer months.  Braids are my personal favorite!  Apparently I am not alone! I've got a gang of wives that are showing off some really DOPE braid styles within this post! From Cornrows, to twist, braids,…

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BECAUSE…He thought it was a perfect Day for Pictures.

How's it going, guys? It's June, and I am totally stoked to see what the second half of the year has in store for us!  Now, I love clothes, but I am so NOT a fashion blogger.  However, there is a way I can spin this thing in my favor (and yours)!  Outside of Wifestyle Wednesday, I thought it be cool to have a Thought Thursday.  This is when I do a little outfit post on a Thursday with clothes…

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The Absolute Perfect Jumpsuit!

I guess I am operating on CP time (colored people time) because my Wifestyle Wednesdays post is up on a Thursday.  It has been so freaking BUSY around here!  Between Mothers Day,getting published in the Huffington Post, and trying to put together some really great things for my dedicated Naetion tribe, I lost track of the days. Whoops! You guys forgive me, right? Thank ya!  Anywaaaay, On Instagram last week, I posted the most comfy jumpsuit that I have ever…

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