Who is this chick? Why is she here?

       She is Joanaé. Kia. King.

Born in the borough of Brooklyn New York to Trinidadian parents, Joanae knew she would be something. Someone. Always the life if the party, even as a toddler. She was always the little girl playing with her hair, or trying on Mommy’s new heels. She held that passion well into her teens. ….



Fast forwarding about a decade, I lost that zeal to be great, and settled for mediocre. Mediocre job. Mediocre marriage. I did manage to produce 3 STELLAR and BEAUTIFUL children though.  🙂 But yeah, I was totally okay with being — okay. I fell into the working Mom slump. I didn’t do anything that made me feel like that little girl in Brooklyn anymore.

After some soul searching, accompanied by a much needed revamp of purpose, I decided to shed all that wasn’t making me happy.  The Job. The Man. The Mindset.

It was only then, that I began to reconnect with ME. Reconnect with who I really was, and the energy I needed to be the best for all who came into my personal space. My children, my family, friends, and any future love interest.

Once the reconnect was CLEAR, I found everything I was always destined to have.

     Naetorious was Born.

My passion for fashion and Beauty; along with my love of family and marital values, is now an ACTUAL source of livelihood. I have a beautiful and HEALTHY marriage that myself and our children can be proud of.  Brand new experiences and travel. … And a re-connection with myself that gets more intense with every minute that passes.

I blog for the woman that has a story,but is choosing not to be THAT story. The woman that thought she couldn’t change her story. Yeah, everything isn’t always candy and cocktails, but you have a choice to change the “Script” you were given.  Go out and find your own Novel! I did! I hope as I share my experiences, you are a step closer to reconnecting with You.

Whether it’s my story or my stilettos. My history or my Hairstyle. My Trinkets or my Travel.  My purpose is to touch a few lives with my words.



                                                  Exes and Ohs…