5 Things you Must Sacrifice for a HAPPY Marriage.

As I was scrolling through my blog post,  I realized that I never addressed the sacrifices needed in order to keep bliss in your marriage.  So, here’s what I view as sacrificial MUSTS for the greater good of this thing called marriage.


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Listen, this is WAY easier said than done. Regardless of what you may try to tell yourself, we value the opinions of others. In a union, that can become stifling you the trust and bond that you are constantly building in your relationship. Outside opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. Only you and your mate know exactly what you’re willing to tolerate, so Aunt Lisa and Pastor Johnson can give their two cents, but the unique blend of that couple is ultimately what matters most.  Give up the NEED for outside validation.


This is indeed the thief of joy! Sacrificing the desire to compare your relationship to that of another couple, or even what you two used to be will keep you in  a constant state of angst. Being cool with the fact that you’re supposed to grow together; instead of focusing on what Jim and Camille have will keep more peace in the home. Finding solace in the couple you are becoming may bring more happiness than focusing on who you two were in college. No looking back! Just up.


Ya know,  I started to type “Single friends”, but I have a few single friends that respect and understand the differences in our dynamic. Those friends are worth keeping. It’s the friends that have been around so long that life seems weird without them, yet you feel no growth or stimulation when they’re around. These folks must be sacrificed for the greater good of YOU, period. Nevermind the fact that they probably will try to make you feel bad for missing some trivial event because your husband had a business dinner. Don’t even touch on needing to hang up in the middle of their “urgent” story because you two are winding down and getting ready to cuddle. The fact that these people are selfish and only care about you when THEY are involved is toxic. So yeah, BYE to them.  Decades or not.


Aaaahhhh! This one is still tough for me, but at least there’s a Happy median. I did say ENDLESS. So there will be times when we can plan a day trip the day before, or randomly get a little naughty in a not so practical space. There will be a decline in that area due to the whole employment, children, extra curricular activities and sleep thing.  We must sacrifice the frequency, and be totally okay with it.

5. TIME.

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Your time isn’t always yours. If you don’t sacrifice your time for the sake of your marriage, it’s not going to be a smooth ride. It doesn’t matter WHAT couple may come across this. EVERYONE wants to feel loved enough to know that the person they vowed to spend their life with, is someone willing to give up the ONE thing they’ll never get back. T.I.M.E.

Sacrifices must be made in order for a relationship to stand the test of time.


Did I miss anything?  What are your thoughts on marital sacrifice?

I wanna hear it !


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  1. Marriage is a beautiful thang!!! I don’t mind sacrificing these things. For me the hardest right now is time. My husband works nights, and I work days. It can be tough. Some times I have to move things around to create time.

  2. I actually can’t wait to get married. Before it some much. But now my views has changed. Yes marriage is hard work, but so is everything else in life.
    Compromise and communication is key to help make any relationship work. Great post

  3. the endless spontaneous acts get me every time. just because we have children and jobs shouldn’t mean we can’t do things on the fly. I get so aggravated by this because my husband is so practical and I’m like dude lets go!

  4. Can’t wait for the day I get married. Taking in all the tips! And kudos for not saying “single persons.” Some of us do get it!! ‘Cause when I get married, I need my friends to get it too! Boundaries! they are needed.

  5. All of these are very true!!! I was recently at a bridal shower and we had to go around and give the bride advice and my advice was to make your marriage your own, never compare it to someone else or try to explain what you are doing to an outsider. It’s your marriage and everyone’s opinions aren’t welcomed. Very true…everyone’s advice is taken with a grain of salt!

  6. Great list/tips. I would add selfishness. You have to give that up if you want your marriage to succeed. I’ve seen a few couples divorce because one spouse won’t give up their selfish ways and it drives the other away cause they feel alone.

  7. I’m pretty sure there is more that we can add to this list but this is a great start. So true, people will always have opinions but that doesn’t mean they will be applied to your relationship. At the end of the day you have to whats best for your relationship. So many people try to compare there relationship to other relationships but you have no idea whats going on behind close doors.

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