From Facetime to Fiance’!


This week's Proposal story is really sweet.  I mean, they all are, but the originality behind their story is amazing.  Have as much fun as I did when I heard Dara and Jonathan's love story. Here is the whole rundown; narrated by Dara herself. 🙂 ODE TO SELF CARE Self Love must come before anyone can love you!   October 2014, I set a goal and decided to compete in my very first NPC Bodybuilding show. I've always been an…

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Chatting with Mr and Mrs. Cross!


Marriage Monday is upon us yet again, and this week I have the pleasure of featuring The Crosses!  Tonya Cross is the visionary and accent designer of Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted hair accessory brand for women. Their specialty is natural hair accents. She was kind enough to share a piece of her story with us.  Well, Here they are! Hello You two! 🙂 Naetorious: Let's hop right into it! Formally introduce yourself and Hubs!  Tonya: We are Michael…

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Fiance’ Fridays! Featuring: Zabdy Constant & Francesse Devariste.


I guess marriage in in the air; because these engagement stories are just raining in!  Trust me, I appreciate them all!  This week's fiance' friday feature was entered by the man who had to swallow his nerves in order to ask the love of his life for her hand in marriage! Zabdy Constant was more than willing to share their story with us!  Here is how he proposed to his now fiancé , Francesse Devariste. These two are currently living…

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She Asked for a Divorce. Her Husband’s Response will AMAZE You!


As you all know, this is a platform to love and honor marriage.  I guess this week is about the stories of my fellow NAEtion subbies.  Dakita Gaspaire shares with us her  battles as a married woman feeling as if she is receiving more than she is giving with in her union.  She was kind and BRAVE enough to share her thoughts and feelings.  For that, I thank her. Here is the story of how and why she asked her…

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Marriage Mondays: The Williams’ Be Wed!


Marriage Mondays are back on NAETORIOUS like they never left!  This week I am excited to feature a fellow Blog Buddy, Nicole! She is the beauty and the brains behind!  Let me get right to it, and introduce these two lovebirds!! MEET THE WILLIAMS'! How cute are they??? Naetorious: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your love story with my #NAETION! We are suckers for a good romance.  I truly appreciate it!  You can start…

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