5 Reasons Men Cheat: The Man’s Point of View.

why men cheat

Kevin. What the HELL!? If you have no clue of what I'm talking about, comedian Kevin Hart was caught on tape having an affair while his wife was at home 32 weeks pregnant with their first child together. This topic leads to the daunting question: “Why is it that men cheat?: We know that cheating is not gender specific, but I wanted an answer FROM THE MOUTHS OF MEN.  In this post, this  question is answered by various Black men.…

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HBO’s Insecure: The ONLY Reasons Dro wants Molly.

What's up NAEtion! I'm just sitting here in the dark because apparently, Hurricane Irma does not think that I need any electricity.  Since I have nothing but time, and 78% phone battery, I wanted to touch on the season finale of HBO’s hit show, Insecure. You guys know I love that show and I always manage to pull some type of relationship lesson from the content. This season, I really focused on the relationship between Molly and Dro. Molly and…

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5 Things you Must Sacrifice for a HAPPY Marriage.

As I was scrolling through my blog post,  I realized that I never addressed the sacrifices needed in order to keep bliss in your marriage.  So, here's what I view as sacrificial MUSTS for the greater good of this thing called marriage. 1. OPINIONS. Listen, this is WAY easier said than done. Regardless of what you may try to tell yourself, we value the opinions of others. In a union, that can become stifling you the trust and bond that…

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My 4 Favorite HUMBLE Apologies from Jay Z on 4:44.

jay z 4:44

Goodness. I've had to take a day or 3 to process this new Jay Z album; 4:44. Jay z (Sean Carter) has laid several humble apologies within the body of his lyrics. There's a lot to be said about an individual that is willing to walk in his truth and just PLAIN OLE APOLOGIZE. Especially if that person is Jay Z... Beyonce’s husband. Over the years, the Carter's have been the ‘relationship goals’ of so many men and women, but…

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Apparently,  Rob Kardashian is the ONLY person that didn't see this coming.  Blac Chyna, the ex fiance and the mother of Rob’s daughter, decided to send him some footage of her kissing and having sex with another man. Rob, in the absolute deepest part of his feelings, decided to turn to his social media following and “expose” Chyna for the scammer that everyone already knew that she was. Well, everyone but Rob. Here's my version of the play of events…

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