4 Lessons You Can Learn from Keisha Knight Pulliam.


Good morning Nation!  This week I've been a little quiet. I'm working on different things so I can offer you guys the best me that I possibly can! I have resurfaced to discuss this here topic though! Keisha Knight Pulliam is pregnant, and going through a divorce. Yes! Her husband, Ed Hartwell,  called her (punk move) and notified her that he filed for divorce this past Tuesday morning. To add insult to injury, he also told her that he will…

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3 Reasons why Open Marriages are BS!


Okay. Now that I've got your attention, HEY NAETION! I know that the internet has been going crazy over Monique and her husband Sidney being vocal about having an open marriage on the talk show, PREACHERS. Now you know I had to give my little 2 cents. I can think of a few reasons why this is BULLSHIT.   1.WHY GET MARRIED? I'll wait. *side eye* If your body and sexual spirit isn't specifically for one (wo)man, then why vow…

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Ciara and Russell Wilson get Hitched: 3 Ridiculous Reasons why the World is Mad.


Whats going on with you guys??? Have you heard the latest Celebrity "I dos"?  Yes! Another couple has tied the knot! Pop star Ciara and football craze Russell Wilson have made their love official. Their wedding ceremony was on July 6 in Cheshire, England at Peckforton Castle! Fairy tale wedding at its best!  They actually got married in King County, Washington on Saturday, July 9, 2016. She has officially snatched his last name, and somehow, the world is mad about it.  Here…

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Black Owned Businesses in Atlanta, and Beyond


How do I even begin. How do I begin to discuss the injustice of my Black people in the country that's supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave? The only people that demonstrate brave acts, are the ones that still choose to be a part of a society that is using them as target practice. BLACK PEOPLE. Being Black in 2016 is the toughest act that I've had to endure thus far.Watching the…

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3 Definite Ways to Overcome Commitment Issues


Happy Sunday, Naetion!I hope you all had a great week I. I'm not sure if you heard the news, but Jill Scott ( Jilly from Philly) just got married her longtime boyfriend, Mike Dobson. You all know that I'm totally down for love, happiness, and chemistry. However, there are many many questions and "concerns" around the fact that he has six children from 3 different women. Now, does that make a difference? Of course. Blended families are hard work, and…

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