Our Amazing Anniversary Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!


So, I've finally recovered from my anniversary vacation, and my birthday celebration.  I know it was almost a month ago, but let's face facts; I'm not as young as I used to be. There were days of achy, lethargic, and unpleasant feelings. I guess that means I had a great time, right? 😊… So now that I've got my MOJO back, let me tell you guys all about our anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Our Anniversary is August…

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POWER. Team Tasha or Team Angie?


Okay, Naetion... I am finally going to do a blog post about the hit TV show, Power. Now, I know everyone is expecting me, the marital influencer to be Team Tasha, right? I am... Sort of. I do know that Jamie made a decision to be with Tasha, marry her and start a family. But, would that have been the case if Angela never went away? I don't know!. There are certain factors that play into this whole Angela vs…

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The ONE Communication Mistake You are Making as a Spouse.


I'm Emotional. Like,  AS HELL. But, I don't allow  anyone to tell me  that is a FLAW. If anything, my emotions make me human. Resonance, even. I cry easily.  Especially when it comes to my family, and my loved ones.....   Don't Judge! When it comes to my relationship, it's extremely easy for my feelings to be hurt. You talk to me too rough, I'm teary.  You need an extra inch, and don't want to sit directly  next to me…

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33 Was Good to Me! Check Out my Top 5 Looks!


Whats UPPPP, Naetion! If you don't know what today is, I am surprised that your phone didn't notify you, or you didn't notice the parade going on downtown!  Maybe you're just not privy to major holidays.  Anywho, IT"S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Even 50 cent Knows! I am 30MORE today! As I reflect on what I would like to accomplish as I step into my New Year, I don't want to forget what this previous year has taught me... One of the…

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My AMAZING Brunch Experience at Illegal Food!


What's happening with my Naetion natives!? I hope you guys are all doing awesome! I wanted to share my Sunday brunch experience with you all. I SIMPLY ADORE the meal that let's you eat breakfast good and have an adult beverage with no judgement. There are so many places that are gems here in Atlanta, but don't get the shine that they deserve.  ILLEGAL FOOD is one of those spots! Baetorious and I decided to swing by this past Sunday,…

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