Talkin’ with The Thompsons!


HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!  Marriage Mondays is back, by popular demand.  I have been working ridiculously hard on new things to offer you all, when all you wanted was the transparency of other couples!  I have realized that taking a look into the relationships of others can be more inspiring, and motivating than I thought.  My Bad. LOL!  Well, I am listening, and taking notes.  Enough of my jibber jabber.  Let me introduce this weeks featured couple! MEET THE THOMPSONS! Naetorious:…

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Black Wives Matter. The Reason For the Movement.


Can I get a little deep and powerful….and even a little emotional with you all? Of course I can! You all are my inter-fam! This year I decided to be the creator of Black Wives Matter Movement.  I just wanted to share my thoughts, feelings, and reasoning behind my choice to make such a bold and controversial move. I have gotten so much praise,along with and negative criticism about the brand as a whole. I just wanted to clear the…

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3 reasons why Social Media CAN’T ruin your marriage.


Let's just get right to it, shall we? Over the weekend, I was reading a Facebook thread a woman wrote about the cons of social media.  The question was posed as such: “ If you had to delete your Facebook to save your marriage, would you?” All of the people in the thread were chiming in with”Absolutely” and “With No question”. Then there was me. My response was “This is fuckery. There is much more than social media that is…

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The Absolute Perfect Jumpsuit!


I guess I am operating on CP time (colored people time) because my Wifestyle Wednesdays post is up on a Thursday.  It has been so freaking BUSY around here!  Between Mothers Day,getting published in the Huffington Post, and trying to put together some really great things for my dedicated Naetion tribe, I lost track of the days. Whoops! You guys forgive me, right? Thank ya!  Anywaaaay, On Instagram last week, I posted the most comfy jumpsuit that I have ever…

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Mothers Day Lessons That My Children have Learned.


IT'S MOTHER'S DAY! I know that I talk about relationships and such an awful lot, but being a Mommy to these four little people is a very rewarding and wonderful accomplishment. I'm like, the source of all sources to them. Being a mother to Makai (12), Zaniya (10)Marquis (8), and Jasmin (13) is something that I cherish and honor. I asked them to tell me what they've learned from me, and what lessons really stick with them. They've decided to…

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