The Kings Take Cali: 10 places you must go in Los Angeles!

  What’s up, NAEtion! If you follow me in Facebook and/or Instagram, you know that we recently went to Los Angeles! Baetorious just turned 25 (again), so we decided to take our first trip to the West Coast. The weather was amazing, and there were a million things for us to do! Out of those million things, I just have to tell you guys about 10 places you have to visit if your ever in the amazing city of Los…

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California Cruising in the Mazda CX-3!

Ya know, I’m really loving 2017 already. Just shy of 4 weeks into the year,  I was on a jet heading to L.A. to celebrate Baetorious’ birthday! How cool is that! Of course, we needed a stylish, reliable vehicle that would take us around this fabulous new city. Our buddies at Mazda and Driveshop have saved the day YET AGAIN by taking care of our car worries! The 2016 Mazda CX-3 was ours for the entire trip! There are so…

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Dating Economics with Groupon!

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Date nights, as well as date days are so important when it comes to keeping vibrance in relationships. I mean, let’s face it; we all feel refreshed after a night or a day on the town with the person we adore! Our pockets don’t always seem to allow such frequent encounters. This used to be the case before GROUPON came about! Groupon has saved us plenty of dollars…

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16 T.V. and Movie Couples from the 90’s we all Loved.

When I think of the 90’s, the first thing that pops into my mind is what I used to watch on TV or on the big screen at the movie theater. There are quite a few different genres that were popular; but let’s face facts. I’m a hopeless romantic. So much so, that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to my favorite couples to ever grace our TV and movie screens! The 90’s was a time when Black Love…

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3 Ways to Get out of Your Own Way in Relationships

Women. We think we know everything. Sometimes to the point of self sabotaging a perfectly good relationship. I mean, we don’t mean to do it, but there are times when the poor woman doesn’t know when to get out of her own way! To be honest…Guys will excuse themselves from the situation if it gets too intense. Here are 3 key practices to implement within your relationship to ensure you get out of your own way. LISTEN. It’s harder than…

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