#DateDifferent: 10 must haves for your Perfect Picnic Date!

Even though Old Man Winter decided to make another guest appearance, it still isn't too early to begin planning your first picnic date for the Spring!  Picnics are a fun and bank account friendly way to date your spouse.  Baetorious and I make it our business to have picnics in the park as much as the weather and our schedules will allow.  As I was conversing with a few wives from the NAEtion, I was surprised at how many have…

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3 Reasons why You Deserve a Marriage just as DOPE as your Wedding.

couple tees, relationship tees

Fairytale Marriages.  They don't get as much shine as Fairy tale weddings. They're so beautiful and they definitely provide a memory that is one to remember. After that day has passed, what do you do then? People spend all of this time making sure that they have a DOPE WEDDING, but what about having a DOPE MARRIAGE? That's the real question. One day vs. A LIFETIME. Like the tees?  CLICK HERE for yours! 🙂 So after the caterers are paid,…

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3 MAJOR Reasons Why Nicki Minaj’s Break up Lead to Her Defeat in the Remy Ma Rap Battle.

Welp. With a name like NAETORIOUS, I'm sure you're not surprised to see me penning about this here rap battle between the two female rap artist, Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Apparently, Nicki took a verse that Remy Ma wrote as some sort of subliminal lash at her. Remy stated in an interview that she does NOT have any issues with Nicki, and she's not a fan of subliminal messaging. I thought it was big of Remy to even address…

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The Kings Take Cali: 10 places you must go in Los Angeles!

  What's up, NAEtion! If you follow me in Facebook and/or Instagram, you know that we recently went to Los Angeles! Baetorious just turned 25 (again), so we decided to take our first trip to the West Coast. The weather was amazing, and there were a million things for us to do! Out of those million things, I just have to tell you guys about 10 places you have to visit if your ever in the amazing city of Los…

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California Cruising in the Mazda CX-3!

Ya know, I'm really loving 2017 already. Just shy of 4 weeks into the year,  I was on a jet heading to L.A. to celebrate Baetorious’ birthday! How cool is that! Of course, we needed a stylish, reliable vehicle that would take us around this fabulous new city. Our buddies at Mazda and Driveshop have saved the day YET AGAIN by taking care of our car worries! The 2016 Mazda CX-3 was ours for the entire trip! There are so…

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